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Linn County Small Woodlands Association

A Key Part of Oregon’s Landscape

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Linn County Small Woodlands Association

A Key Part of Oregon’s Landscape

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Linn County Small Woodlands Association

A Key Part of Oregon’s Landscape

Linn County Small Woodlands Association Membership

Membership has its benefits and nowhere else is that more true than a membership in the Linn County Small Wordlands Association. When you join, your annual dues provide you with all the following benefits :

Organization Memberships

  • Oregon Small Woodlands Association (OSWA)
  • County Chapters Sponsored by OSWA
  • Oregon Woodlands Cooperative for 3 Months
  • Oregon Tree Farm System Referral


  • Managing Your Woods, Water, Recreation, Wildlife
  • Buying Tree Seedlings & Native Plants
  • Identifying Trees & Native Plants
  • Recognizing & Controlling Invasive Species
  • Knowing Why Trees Die & What You Can Do
  • Recognizing Safety Hazards in Your Woodland
  • Planning Your Estate
  • Finding Tax Advisors
  • Finding Consulting Foresters
  • Finding Loggers, Road Builders, and Tree Planters
  • Creating a Wildfire Defensible Space at Your Home
  • Understanding Oregon's Forest Practices Act
  • Purchasing Woodland Liability Insurance
  • Access to Carbon Markets
  • Connecting With People Who Have Similar Interests


  • OSWA Lobbyist in the Oregon Legislature
  • Oregon Board of Forestry


Your membership includes these publications To Help Keep You Informed:

  • Oregon Family Forest News, a Newsletter for OSWA Members published 4 times a year
  • Northwest Woodlands, a quarterly magazine for woodland owners in the Pacific Northwest
  • The Bark, Linn County Small Woodlands Association chapter newsletter, published quarterly

Annual Dues

Annual Dues
Acreage Size Annual Dues
1—15 acres $50.00
16—70 acres $95.00
71—5,000 acres $145.00

Why belong to the Linn County Small Woodlands Association?
A Member's Point of View

Legislative Intervention

In Salem this last year there were several bills before the state legislature which could have been overwhelming to all small woodland owners. Our executive director and our activist worked diligently to keep us informed. They rallied supporters of small tree farm to express their views directly to those making decisions. As a result these bills were dismissed or altered to reflect our concerns.

This is one example of why it is important to belong and participate. Without our unity of purpose those opposed allowing us to manage our forest for the future will prevail.

Education Opportunities

Educational opportunities are provided through workshops and tours. Every small tree farmer has had successes and failures. Sharing this with those of us who are beginners is invaluable. I try to attend all the tours I can and have always learned something new which has saved me much more than the cost of membership.


Workshops allow members to interface with experts in forestry and agencies that have funds available to support our effort to maintain and grow our forest.

In Summary

Many of these programs cannot be accomplished without your support. I would ask you to be involved by volunteering to become a board member, to help with committees and most important help with growing our organization. Talk to your neighbors and friends. Let them know how important being a member is to you.

Join Today

It's simple to join the Linn County Small Woodlands Association.
Use whichever way suits you best:

  • call Jim Merzenich @ 541.466.5004 or
  • send an email to: or
  • complete this form
  • call Jim Merzenich @ 541.466.5004 or
  • send an email to: jim@oakbasin.comor
  • use a larger format screen and return to this page to complete a form

Whichever way you choose we will be in touch with you usually within 48 hours to discuss your application.

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