Our 4-H Clever Clovers crew

LCSWA has had a long-term relationship with the Clever Clovers. See the writeup here. And now they're helping us maintain our website! We look forward to working with them, as always.

Seedling sale - help from 4-H Clever Clovers

Our editors

Here's a list of the editors who have posted content for us.

11 posts
I am the Flag Custodian for my 4-H club. My interests include hunting, fishing, and geology.
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9 posts
I'm Treasurer for the Clever Clovers 4-H club. I like drawing, writing, creating 3D animation and worldbuilding.
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7 posts
I am President of the Leadership board and enjoy participating in 4-H activities and collecting video games.
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5 posts
I am a Greeter for my 4-H club. I enjoy reading, art, shooting sports and gaming. I want to learn more about coding and making more detailed posts in WordPress.
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4 posts
I am Vice President of my 4-H club. I am an airsofter from Oregon and the owner of a Wix website for my company “Warfront Airsoft."
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3 posts
Homeschool and stay-at-home mom of two great kids. I enjoy writing, math, geology, walking and hiking. I love mountains and Doug-fir forests.
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4-H Site editing tips

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