Oak Basin lessons learned being passed along

Presentation of Tree Farmer of the Year award.

LCSWA tour displays conservation efforts in Linn County Family forestry has flowered at the Oak Basin Tree Farm. The Linn County property is a checkerboard of wildlife habitat, agroforestry and…

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Dreaded ash borer arrives in Oregon

Emerald ash borer

March of invasive pest foretold; allowing forestry officials time to shelter gene pools The widely reported arrival of the emerald ash borer (EAB) in Oregon is serious news for the…

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Linn board broadens budget options

Budget documents

For many years, Linn County has separated operation income and expense from seedling sale income and expense. When Sherm Sallee initiated the chapter’s annual seedling sale, the profits were to…

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2022 annual Seedling Sale on track for success!

Volunteers wrapping sword ferns

The 2022 Linn County Small Woodlands Association Seedling Sale is on track for another successful year with proceeds providing college scholarships, 4-H awards, and other educational programs. We have received…

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