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The Linn County Small Woodlands Association is a nonprofit run by volunteers and all of our efforts go to benefit our members and  small woodland owners in general. In turn, your membership dues help us to do this work.

Besides the many benefits we mentioned on our home page, here's what one member wrote about what he considers his benefit to being a member.

Mike Ridling, left, of the Seven Oaks Native Plant Nursery in Albany, Ore., and Linn County Small Woodlands Association board member Jim Cota move Willamette Valley Ponderosa pines for planting at Sunnyside County Park.

Why I belong – A member's point of view

HatchetLegislative intervention

In Salem there are often bills before the state legislature which can potentially have an overwhelming effect on small woodland owners. Our executive director and our activist work diligently to keep us informed. They rally supporters of small tree farms to express their views directly to those making decisions. As a result, these bills are often dismissed or altered to reflect our concerns.

This is one example of why it is important to belong and participate. Without our unity of purpose, those opposed to allowing us to manage our forest for the future will prevail.

CompassSite tours

Every small tree farmer has had successes and failures. Viewing each other's woodlands and sharing our experiences are invaluable. I try to attend all the tours I can and have always learned something new. The knowledge I've gained has saved me much more than the cost of membership.


Workshops give me a chance to interact with experts in forestry and agencies with funding available to support us in maintaining and growing our forest.

Abstract forest

We are more than the sum of our parts

The LCSWA cannot accomplish their work without your support. Besides your dues, you can enrich the organization even more by volunteering to become a board member,  helping on committees, and, most importantly, growing our organization.

If you're already a member and benefit from the LCSWA, talk to your neighbors and friends. Let them know how important being a member is to you.

All memberships include:

Member-to-member advice and assistance

Site tours, workshops, and other events

Advocacy at the state level

Online subscription to The Bark quarterly newsletter, a joint production of the Linn, Lane, Benton, and Lincoln chapters of OSWA.

Membership in both the Oregon Small Woodlands Association (OSWA) and your local chapter.

Benefits with related organizations

Most of these benefits are described above and on our home page.

4-H mentoring at the LCSWA tree seedling sale

Linn County tree farmers have won more than their share of awards at the national and state levels

Your OSWA/Linn County membership includes the following memberships or complimentary benefits with related organizations:

Forest management assistance

Member dues

1-15 acres


16-70 acres


71-5,000 acres


When you join the Linn County chapter, your membership starts when you're approved, but you don't start paying dues until January of the following year.

Ready to join?

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After we receive your application, we'll be in touch, usually within 48 hours, to talk to you about your membership.

We ask for a check when you pay your dues because we forward these funds to the Oregon Small Woodlands Association.

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