Linn board broadens budget options

Jun 16, 2022 | Author: Shirley Holmberg, LCSWA treasurer | Editor: Gabriel Bradford

For many years, Linn County has separated operation income and expense from seedling sale income and expense. When Sherm Sallee initiated the chapter’s annual seedling sale, the profits were to be used for education only, i.e., OSU forestry student scholarships and 4-H forestry student awards.

All other expenses were covered by the annual OSWA dues, and any donations received.

As the years have progressed, the seedling sale has been very profitable and the net profits after scholarships and awards have continued to increase while the OSWA dues (although membership has grown) have not been sufficient to cover the cost of all the other expenses and activities of the chapter.

Although increasing the scholarships and awards was considered, the focus at the June 2 board meeting was just what was education and what was not.
The “lively” discussion saw many thinking every aspect of the chapter was educational from the annual meeting and tours to the Bark and the Tree- Farmer-of-the-Year gathering.

As we hashed out our different ideas, we all concluded that besides scholarships and awards, the Bark and the TFOY gathering were the two budget items that provided our membership and the wider community with the opportunity for education.

As a result, a motion was made and seconded to move the Bark and Tree Farm of the Year expenses into “education.”

To give more prominence to the seedling sale net profit, that money has been given a title. They are now known as the Sherm Sallee Seedling Sale Discretionary Education Fund.

Pending further board discussion and action in the future, more budget items may be moved to the Sherm Sallee Seedling Sale Discretionary Education Fund.

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