Linn County Small Woodlands Association board of directors meeting Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021

Dec 8, 2021 | Author: Larry Mauter, LCSWA Director | Editor: Emily Kinkade

Meeting called to order at 5 p.m. by board President Tim Otis


Attendance: Tim Otis, Lee Peterman, Shirley Holmberg, Bonnie Marshall, Brad Withrow-Robinson, Larry Mauter, Mike Barsotti, Jim Merzenich, Jim Cota. Absent: Jonathan Christie (contact with student infected by Covid)

Approval of minutes from 9-2-21 meeting: Larry Mauter move, Lee Peterman second to approve minutes without changes.

Treasurer report: Shirley Holmberg presented numbers in accounts. She also noted one scholar received $1,000 although board has voted to provide $2,000 per year to students. Board member consensus was to provide another $1,000 to student. Tim Otis to contact Katie Kohl to discuss the issue and possibly provide additional funding for student.

Also discussed was housekeeping measure relating to past seedling sale profits. Lee Peterman motion, second from Jim Merzenich to create “Sherm Sallee seedling sale discretionary education fund” in a Linn Co savings account. Profits remaining from the 2011 through 2016 seedling sale (about $18,000) is starter for fund. Fund named for Sherm Sallee, who started the annual seedling sale.

Another housekeeping item raised was incorporation papers for the chapter. Mike Barsotti will contact OSWA executive for clarification.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report: Motion by Lee Peterman, second by Bonnie Marshall: unanimous approval.

2022 seedling sale: Bonnie Marshall and Jim Cota presented outlook on tree availability for February sale. Redwood and Noble fir seedlings in short supply this year. Plenty of Douglas fir available. 

Seedling sale order form to be ready in next few days. It will be published in the January Bark, the OSU Extension “Growing” and the LCSWA web site. 

At this point, Linn County would allow same-day sales and the return of Woods Goods to the sale venue, the Santiam Building at the Linn County Fairgrounds. Seedling tubes will be available for sale. Tim Otis cautioned live sales Saturday Feb 5 is “wait and see” situation because of Covid concerns. 

Bob Mealey Sunnyside project: Tim Otis reported construction of sign support now under way at Sunnyside. Foundation and bracing for sign is in. Treated Ponderosa pine posts and cover expected to be in place in the coming weeks. Dedication likely in the spring. 

Scholarships: Katie Kohl sent note saying Steve Kohl available to work with 4-Hers on “how to” videos for website. Other board members who may offer expertise include Jim Cota, Jim Merzenich, Joe Holmberg and others. This is a project for 2022.

4-H scholarship expansion: The board reviewed note from 4-H parent Jennifer Bradford about expanding 4-H scholarship opportunities for students who are working on the website. Board members appeared to be open to idea. Consensus was for 4-H leadership to prepare proposal for March 3, 2022 meeting for consideration.

Membership: Jim Merzenich and Larry Mauter are writing letter to be mailed to members in advance of 2022 dues. Letter outlines activities in the past year and benefits of membership. No formal action taken.


Annual meeting: Based on the continued threat of Covid Board President Tim Otis said he was “uncomfortable” holding the traditional annual meeting with potluck food at Z Hall in Scio. Board consensus was in agreement. Shirley Holmberg motion, second Lee Peterman to conduct annual meeting as post card event, like 2021, and hope for outdoor summer picnic meeting later this year. Motion includes $100 donation to Z Hall to help with maintenance issues, as was the case last year. Motion approved unanimous.

New officers: Jonathan Christie provided by-laws and outline of steps required. Shirley Holmberg, Jim Cota and Jim Merzenich will be listed on the ballot for three-year terms to expire in 2024. The board is actively seeking new members. Tim Otis will contact potential board members. Mike Barsotti agreed to move into the vice president role in 2022. Jim Merzenich agreed to follow Barsotti in the VP role in 2023. Lee Peterman, Larry Mauter and Sherm Weld tours on the board expire in January, 2022.

Bylaws: Some discussion on by-laws. Shirley Holmberg wants “best practices” changes in treasurer’s activities. Also discussed was proposal to add student scholar as ex-officio member of the board. Mike Barsotti and Shirley Holmberg named to subcommittee to explore by-laws update. They will report back at March meeting.

Quarterly Bark: Deadline is December 11. Stories coming include Prez column by Tim, Seedling sale package by Bonnie and maybe a Mealey project update or annual meeting update from Larry Mauter.

Private Forest Accord: Mike Barsotti updated board on proposals. No action required at this time.

Adjournment: Lee Peterman move, Shirley Holmberg second adjourn at 6:35 p.m to meeting Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 5 p.m. Cota-Melcher Fun Forest.

— Tentative minutes submitted by Larry Mauter

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