Local Woods Fair complements LCSWA seedling sale

Jan 21, 2024 | Author: Lee Peterman, LCSWA activities chairman | Editor: Nancy Hildebrandt

Wares, information booths featured Feb. 3 at Linn County Expo Center

The Local Woods Fair, (formerly known as "Goods from the Woods") is once again being held along with the Linn County Small Woodlands Association seedling sale.

This event has been ongoing for more than 20 years. It showcases local artisans and producers of wood, wooden and forest products.

People talking at a Local Woods Fair table

2023 Local Woods Fair

In years past, some items for viewing and purchase have included milled slab-wood and live-edge material for use in table tops or end tables and possibly bar tops. Some practical items made from hardwoods include utensils, such as spatulas, cheese cutters and butter knives, as well as pizza paddles and other kitchen utensils.

Perhaps for the more refined or genteel taste, examples of lathe-turned chess pieces or for the more whimsical types; spinning tops, dolls and toy trucks could be purchased all from locally sourced wood and materials.

Some exhibitors prefer to showcase tools or equipment for light-duty logging and retrieval of logs from the forest.

Some business offer milling of logs into cants or lumber for use around woodlands property. While no actual running examples are allowed for safety reasons, there have been portable, trailer-based bandsaw mills which have been set up to allow visitors to gain some insight as to how milling logs into slabs or dimensional lumber is done.

There are a few exhibitors showcasing bird nest boxes, including owl and bat roosting boxes, made from lumber milled from trees on their forested land, as well as walking sticks with "shed" deer antler tops or Irish shillelaghs for a touch of old-world flair.

Hand-crafted brooms have been presented as examples of collaboration between local broomstick "harvesters" who choose, cut and bundle loose sticks, which are then transported and sold to a Eugene broom maker, who produces world-class hand-made brooms.

Starting in 2020, a strong educational component was added to the event in the form of information booths staffed by representatives from such groups as: Oregon State University Extension, Oregon Department of Forestry, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the South Santiam Watershed Council and the “Bluebird Ladies” of Linn County as well as the Oregon Forest Resource Institute.

The 2024 Local Woods Fair is a chance for folks who have a bent for locally sourced wood and wood products to pick up unique gift items, tools to aid in logging or to peruse lumber or milled slab decor possibly for the man-cave in their future.

A donation from sales generated by the exhibitors is politely requested and forwarded to the Linn Chapter Scholarship Fund.

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Lee Peterman interacts with a customer at the 2023 LCSWA seedling sale. Photo credit: Bonnie Marshall,LCSWA member

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