On-site electric mill shapes timber for Linn tree farmer

Sep 9, 2022 | Author: Larry Mauter, LCSWA member | Editor: Andrew Bradford

According to the Oregon History Project, by 1850 there were dozens of sawmills producing both timber and shingles in the Willamette Valley.

“The mills supplied not only local needs but also a developing export trade, notably to the Sandwich Islands — now Hawaii,” according to the Oregon Historical Society project.

Water power was the key to push the saw blades through the timber.

Some 175 years later mills come in all sizes and shapes.

Electric powered sawmills have climbed in popularity especially among small woodland owners who may want to process their own timber or provide specialty services.

Lee Peterman of the Linn County Small Woodlands Association is the co-owner of Bogwood, an 80-acre tract just north of Lacomb. He is an Oregon State University Extension Service master woodlands manager.

Peterman teamed up with 4-Hers Gabriel Bradford and Ryan Henry to produce a video explaining the operation of his electric powered sawmill.

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