Past LCSWA outstanding tree farmers listed

Jun 10, 2021 | Author: Larry Mauter | Editor: Nancy Hildebrandt

Linn County Outstanding Tree Farmer

2021     Mike and Jo Barsotti

2020     Lee Peterman and Shirley Jolliff

2019 Kathy and Tim Otis

2018  Sherm Weld

2017 Ivan and Rebecca Wolthius

2016 Joe and Shirley Holmberg

2015 Dave and Karen Bateman

2014 Linda Butts

2013 Rod and Ann Bardell

2012 Ed and Jim Merzenich and Karen Wilson

2011 Henry and Mollie Wolthius

2010 Dale and Shirley Crocker

2009 Fun Forest (Cota and Melcher families)

2008 —

2007  Neal Bell 

2006  Don and Carol Cree 

2005  Lon and Laura Rankin 

2004 Aaron and Shawna White

2003 Alvin Sorseth

2002 Jim and Mary MacPherson

2001 Bentz Family The Bentz family were National Tree Farmers of the Year in 2002. Clint has remained active in OSWA

Robert Wolfenbarger was the Linn County TFOTY back in the ’90s

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