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Indian Plum

Oemleria cerasiformis


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Deciduous shrub 15-20 ft.    One of the first native shrubs to bloom in the spring, flowers green-white, in hanging clusters at ends of leafy branches.  Fruit is cherry shaped, orange-red then red-purple, quickly consumed by, and seeds spread by, birds.  Palatable when fully ripe”

One of the first native woody plants to flower.  Optimistic observers consider its bloom a sign that spring is near, whereas pessimistic folks consider such a view as “excessive exuberance”.  When young leaves are chewed, the flavor is reminiscent of cucumbers.  Prefers partial shade.  Good for wild plantings where its size and suckering habits are not a disadvantage.  A nearby male plant needed for female plants to set abundant fruit.   Native to lowland wetland forests.

Additional information

Growth rate

Fast to moderate

Mature plant height

15-20 feet

Seedling size

1-0, 12"-24"

Shade tolerance