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Symphoricarpos albus


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Deciduous shrub, 1.5-7 feet, broad, rounded, suckers.  Snowberry has long been grown as an ornamental shrub.  Winter is its most conspicuous season, where white berries stand out against leafless branches.  Dainty pinkish flowers are also attractive to people and pollinators.  Songbirds will eat the berries in winter, however they are not edible for people.  Snowberry spreads by root suckers and is best given plenty of space to create a wild thicket.  It tolerates poor soil and neglect.  It is great for controlling erosion on slopes, riparian plantings, for restoration and mine reclamation projects.   Grows in sun to part shade.  Prune to ground in early spring and fertilize to produce luxuriant growth and large masses of berries.

Additional information

Growth rate


Mature plant height

3-7 feet

Shade tolerance

Soil type

Tolerate poor soils on both wet and dry sites

Seedling size

1-0, 12"-24"