Western Redbud

Cercis occidentalis


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The Western Redbud is a small deciduous tree or shrub to 16 feet tall,  found in the foothills and mountains of California.  The thin, shiny brown branches bear shiny heart-shaped leaves which are light green early in the season and darken as they age. Leaves on plants at higher elevation may turn gold or red as the weather cools. The showy flowers develop February through April and are bright pink or magenta, and grow in clusters all over the shrub, making the plant very colorful and noticeable in the landscape. The shrub bears 3 inch long brown legume pods which are very thin and dry. Grows in sun to shade and best in well drained soils.  Drought tolerant once established.

Additional information

Growth rate


Mature plant height

15-20 feet


Seedling size

1-0, 6"-12"

Shade tolerance


Often multi-stem, rounded crown