Statewide honors bestowed at Lebanon gathering

Jul 5, 2024 | Author: Wylda and Fran Cafferata, OTFS co-chairs | Editor: Nancy Hildebrandt

Three-day conference featured tours, workshops and social gathering

Hello Oregon tree farm members We wish you a very happy and productive summer.

Many of you were present at the Oregon Family Forest Convention, held in Lebanon on June 13-15. It was really pleasant being there with you in person. For those of you who could not be there, you were missed.

At the convention, we presented the Merzenich family with their 2023 Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year sign. The three-day convention was capped Saturday with tours at the Merzenich family’s Oak Basin Tree Farm.

Members of the Merzenich family

Members of the Merzenich family paused for a group photo during the June 15 tour of the family’s Oak Basin tree farm south of Brownsville. Photo credit Mike Barsotti.

Friday’s award luncheon included the naming of the 2024 state Tree Farmers of the year — Pam and Jock Dalton from Polk County.. Pam and Jock received this title and award at the Oregon Family Forest Convention, jointly hosted June 14 by the Oregon Tree Farm System and the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, (OSWA).

Pam Dalton has deep roots on the family’s 700-plus acre tree farm near Dallas. Jock plays an integral role in actively managing the forest with Pam. The OTFS emphasizes the values of wood, water, wildlife, and recreation.

Pam and Jock epitomize the attention tree farmers give to the sustainability of all four values. The Daltons harvest timber and replant, as well as promoting forest health and growth through a pre-commercial and commercial thinning regime. They maintain and protect two springs on their forest, as well as a pond, replacing the dike as necessary using their own heavy equipment. Bear, cougar, deer and elk have happy homes on their forest, along with a host of birds and smaller mammals. The Daltons host campouts at their family gathering spot in a shelter built by an earlier generation, complete with a dinner bell that Pam enjoys ringing.

Pam and Jock are proud of their tree farm certification and the hard work they do that shows they are managing their forest by the International Standards of Sustainability, and the OTFS is proud of them and the part they play in fulfilling the purpose of the OTFS: making Oregon a better place, one acre at a time.

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Jim Merzenich, left, accepted the state 2023 award from Fran and Wylda Cafferata. Photo credit Larry Mauter

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